"What's a Kung Fu Hoagie?!" -learn more about your favorite bánh mì

As our favorite Vietnamese hoagie gains popularity in the city, we rarely get the question "what's a bánh mì?"  as much as "what the heck is a Kung Fu Hoagie?!"  This question usually followed by "hoagies with a kick right?!" or "really packs a punch!"  (To which we would humbly agree:)  As much as we admire and try to emulate traditional Vietnamese vegetarian cooking, we can't change who we are.  So, armed with the blueprint from Sifu Phan's "Kung Fu cooking", as american artists, we can't help but go just a little bigger, and maybe turn up the heat a notch to keep people's interest.  

So let's go back to the beginning real quick, although most of you know by now... What is a "bánh mì"?  In Vietnam, this term really just means any type of bread, but has been familiarized as a traditional hoagie with toppings made popular in Saigon.  The baguette itself was introduced through the french colonization of Vietnam, although changed slightly with added rice flour for a more crispy and airy texture.  The hoagie as most know it, has the standard lineup of pickled carrot and daikon radish, cilantro, jalapeño, cucumber, with any mayo, butter or strong soy sauce "maggi", sometimes found with páte (or a vegetarian version).  Top it with your favorite protein, "bì chay" (vegetarian pork skin), xíu mại (tofu meatball) or thịt bò (vegetarian beef), you are on your way to learning the advanced bánh mì kung fu styles :D:D:D

So come try one sometime!  We did our best to keep the old subtle traditions, but you might really enjoy a shift to our eccentric style of cooking!  Hope to see you soon!