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Kung Fu Connection- Part 2

    Hi everyone!  Can I let my fingers express freely for a moment, please excuse my unrefined writing etiquette, typing as talking, to let this voice inside of myself breath some fresh air and hopes to inspire you in your daily activities.  I’m reaching out again to talk about this art that we study, as it is on my mind mostly every day, for mostly all of the days.  This practice, “man’s labor” known as Kung Fu, such a beautiful art to take part in.. Like committing oneself to understanding our own minds and breath, physical form…  The practice of understanding Life and the human experience of existing in this physical realm as a spiritual being!  This post may not agree with everyone, fair warning that I have my own beliefs and like the food we cook, some may like it, and others not!  

    In its most basic form, Kung Fu is to practice through labor what it means to work, and in advanced understanding to heighten one’s sensitivity and consciousness connecting ourselves with the primordial “essence” or Tao, would be an ultimate purpose.  Through the years studying under our teacher, have been trained with certain disciplines and behaviors to advance our own beings toward a better life path.  You may know of many martial art schools, and have an idea of the higher teachings of “warrior” life, maybe through some books or movies, folk knowledge of Samaurai, mystic monks in the hills, but what you see on TV these days, is not the art that we study!  This is no gym that we pay dues to, to build muscles, become aggressive or intimidating people or to fight in a cage for money.  This rare art is one that we study, as if accepting the responsibility of holding a gun, one must be taught manners in society and difference between right and wrong to earn the right to protect and teach a deadly art.  This art is rare indeed, as it is so common in our society to find a UFC style gym and learn how to hurt someone, or to purchase a gun for that matter.  

    So what does it take to learn Kung Fu, as many people may feel that it is no longer applicable or obsolete to know how to use a sword in modern times?  Ask yourself what kind of person does it take to wield a sword these days?  If we compare it to the purchase of a modern weapon, then in fact it only takes a clean background and a 45 day wait.  This is not the art that we study!  So how does one learn or teach morality and awareness through martial arts?  The answer to this unfortunately I cannot say.  As those masters might call the great essence of the Tao, “the nameless”, so if to speak its name would lower the weight or true meaning of it!  So only then can I say that in order to learn you must pick up the sword and walk the path, but choose your teacher wisely!

    So what in our daily lives makes it different from most?  We could say that on very basic levels to eradicate ourselves from dependency on substances, although we do not remove all completely, like mild caffeine or sugar, but mostly avoid stronger ones like alcohol or other mind numbing drugs that may decrease one’s perception.  Aside from this to work out, and meditate daily eating healthy with a positive karmic attitude stemming from a vegetarian diet, as we would not create negativity for ourselves by hurting animals for consumption.  As I said I don't want to preach, some may agree, and others not.  This is just my personal expression and humor as a martial student and teachings that I wholly believe in!  

    If you were to go to many martial arts schools, you would not find much of this study to advance Spiritual knowledge and understanding it is a rare thing, and often debated that there is no place in it within the martial art community, as many say if you are seeking spirituality or morality then go to church!  For us it is our practice, same as cooking.  If you allow your daily life and cooking to become bland and repetitive, then the flavor will be the same!  So we work hard in kung fu to advance ourselves, same as we focus daily in business to advance our flavors!  

    So you might ask about our kung fu, food and cooking, if we are advocates of healthy lifestyle, why are we not following the “pure” food trend, raw or vegan food diets?  Quick answer is that like having dark with light, we choose a balanced life, and to take care of the bigger things but worry less about the small ones.  We work out plenty, so tasty foods with moderate salt or oils is normal, and what is life if you are so disciplined never to enjoy a cheese puff or crunchy potato chip?  So our hoagies have both fresh and light vegetables, along with crunchy and salty or flavorful sauces.  We sell potato chips and sodas, and I believe always will.  This Kung Fu practice and lifestyle filled generously with our daily intake of protein and noodles was entrusted to us through our Teacher and Sifu, who was in turn taught from his Master, as the physical and spiritual art has survived and adapted through many cultures, countries, religions, civilizations, wars, etc, evolved and refined through each Master!  So what you are tasting in our hoagies, is in fact an art that has lasted since ancient China, although created by relatively beginner hands!  This is our life’s pursuit, we hope you enjoy!  Happy 2016 everyone, year of the Monkey!