Kung Fu Hoagies- What's in the name?

So Kung Fu Hoagies huh?  Since opening 4 years ago, we have had so many questions about our name...  most positive, some not, but you can't help but ask yourself about it.  I'd say that most people at first glance pick us off to be some sort of new age hipster vegetarian asian-fusion type cart.. I mean come on, two long haired white boys serving southeast asian food?  Kung Fu Hoagies?  Who needs to look any deeper than that?  Well, like in any business in order to survive, you have to stand out.  You have to have a name. But more importantly you have to have something behind the name!  

Since we love so much to disappoint the haters out there, I'm going to tell you a little secret.  Kung Fu Hoagies wasn't born in a corporate office at a brainstorming table.  (shhhhh!)   KFH wasn't a schtick thought up by savy business people to lure ignorant consumers.   Kung Fu Hoagies was born in a real kung fu studio!  On the mat, with weapons and wooden dummies.  Real blood & sweat (but no tears!)  The name, the cart, the food, the art, we live it the best we can.  We do love the attention though, I mean we had to run with the idea a little...   

So yeah.  Thats our story.  We started KFH under the guidance of a real kung fu Master.  Crazy huh?  Originally we were going to start a vegetarian hot dog cart, but our Sifu was like no way you guys should do bánh mì!  The style we study is a mixed animal style that migrated from China through Thailand, Laos, Burma, Cambodia, into Vietnam, and now America!  Our teacher is Chinese-Vietnamese.  So our cart is exactly that.  Right now we focus on Vietnamese food, with the occasional Southeast Asian or Chinese treat.  Served from two dedicated Kung Fu white boys.  Ahem...  I mean student-disciples!