Benefits to Vegetarianism

Like most people, Steve and I weren't raised vegetarian.  I had tried for several years in my early 20's to avoid meat but ended up going back and forth out of convenience or unhealthy lifestyle.  It took us some time too, having gone through many martial arts schools, to find a real traditional Master qualified to help guide people into a healthy, stable way of life.  I would say for us, being in a positive environment and around other vegetarians helped us to make the final commitment.   

After giving up meat for some time we noticed a lot of really positive changes.  Immediately I noticed better digestion and energy levels.  I remember now all of those years I spent eating meat and how I would feel after a big meal.  A lot of times meals would weigh me down and make me feel heavy or sleepy, instead of providing energy like they should!  After a few months, I feel I noticed some positive changes in my mind too.  Regular exercise and meditation helped this also, but I know cutting out all of those hormones and steroids they pump into meat did something!  Anyway, after becoming vegetarian, I feel healthier, with better digestion, more focused, and a "cleaner" body and mind.  Its not an easy thing to do at first, but it really is worth it in the long run!  

I'm not asking anyone to believe in the things I do, but if you did in fact believe in karma, or the idea of "what goes around, comes around" you might consider the effect of human consumption of animals.  If you haven't seen it and are brave enough, i would recommend watching some of the videos online about the treatment of animals in the US meat industry.  Its a real eye opener to the behind the scenes about the meat that is neatly wrapped on grocery store shelves!  

If you are thinking about making the switch but are having trouble finding foods to eat or want to learn some basics on cooking, stop by the cart or email us!  We are happy to help.  Also if you are looking for some additional support, you can find some local vegetarian meet up groups online, or check out some of the cities other vegetarian restaurants here.  Take care, hope to see you soon!